Main Drive

MAIN DRIVE Corporation was established in October 2018, specializing in the production of robot joint modules and harmonic speed reducers. With the key technology from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, coupled with its R&D capability in computer analysis and design (CAD/CAE), the Company can design customized specifications according to the requirements of customers. The main functions of its products, such as angle drive error, meshing backlash, service life and efficiency, are superior to the performance of international large plants. With features of “high precision, high load carrying capacity, small size and stable drive”, the products are mainly used in multi-axis joint robots, collaborative robots with medium and low load, and various automatic equipment.

At present, mass production of the Company’s harmonic speed reducers has begun. The Company is making continuous improvements in research, development and production technology. It is expected that the factory building will be completed in 2021, with fully intelligent production lines built in, and the state of the new generation plant of Industry 4.0 achieved. The production of the Company’s harmonic speed reducers undergoes a strict quality control process. Precision detection instruments such as coordinate measuring machine (CMM), gear measuring instrument, image measuring instrument and reducer test board have been introduced, and with rigorous measurement verification, they are in line with customers’ demand for products with high function and high precision.



Board of director HUNG ,SUN

  • The Chairman of MIRLE
  • Company Profile of MIRLE
    • One of the largest leaders in automation system integrators and related product manufacturers.
    • Successfully implementing various kinds of automation systems to serve their clients over twenty years.
  • Mr. Sun not only got the academician of the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) in Taiwan, but also made significant contributions to the field of mechanical.

General manager Chuck ,CHEN

  • Previous worked as the lead of aircraft gears project in Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI).
  • Established LUREN Co., Ltd(1994) that gathering the elites came from Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) in Taiwan.

Vision & Mission

  • Striving to be the foremost global supplier of cutting-edge harmonic reducers and robot joint modules, we ensure unwavering supply reliability, deliver exceptional quality, and continuously invest in groundbreaking research and innovation. Our goal is to solidify our position as the industry’s leader, setting new standards in technology.
  • At Main Drive, we embrace a philosophy rooted in technological prowess, outstanding teamwork, superior product performance, customer trust, and a steadfast commitment to unparalleled service. This philosophy forms the bedrock of our core values, driving every decision and product innovation we make."

Corporate Responsibility

  • At the heart of our operations lies a people-centric approach, guided by integrity. We're dedicated to crafting a professional, safe, and health-focused workplace. Our pledge to prioritize employee well-being involves respecting individual differences, designing robust compensation and benefits systems, and fostering a symbiotic relationship with society for mutual growth and prosperity."
  • 1.Enact robust governance practices.
    2.Champion the development of sustainable environments.
    3.Support and maintain social welfare initiatives.
    4.Strengthen the disclosure of corporate social responsibility information.



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